Stubbekoebing Harbour

Stubbekoebing Harbour in Groensund

The harbour lies centrally situated in Stubbekoebing, which is Denmark’s oldest market town, dating all the way back to 1354. The harbour is approached directly from the fairway in Groensund and is a great stopover on the journey. In 2013, Stubbekoebing Marina was renovated with a new jetty with 4-5m wide spots with water and electricity. From the harbour you can see the Faroe Bridges and Bogoe, an island which you can visit by taking the old vintage ferry Ida.

Stubbekoebing Harbour

54°53,5'N / 12°02,8'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length: 120 m
Width: 22 m
Draught: 5 m

The marina has a friendly, pleasant setting with both playground and barbeque area. The industrial harbour and the marina are right next to each other, which causes the harbour to be pleasantly lively. In addition, Stubbekoebing hosts the annual Hessen Regatta, where up to 80 boats from Hessen, Germany, call at the harbour.
Also, Northern Europe’s largest collection of motorbikes can be seen at the Motorbike and Radion Museum. Nature lovers can enjoy a bike ride along the scenic Baltic coastal stretch. 

The harbour provides the framework for plenty of club activities. Among others, the Sailing and Boating Club Groensund is located at the harbour and arranges races during the entire summer. Stubbekoebing Beach Hunting Society has a new clubhouse at the harbour and sailors are welcome to use the facilities. 


Henrik Andersen

 Carina Rasmussen


Per Frederiksen

Port charges

  0 -   8 m135 DKK
  8 - 10 m145 DKK
10 - 13 m190 DKK
13 - 15 m225 DKK
15 - 20 m325 DKK
20 -580 DKK

Prices include electricity, water and Wi-fi.
The harbour fee Harbor is paid in the vending machine with a credit card.
Cash is paid on request at the port office.


Stubbekoebing Havn
Vestrehavn 3
DK-4850 Stubbekoebing
Tlel +45 51 74 01 09

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