Nexoe Harbour

Nexoe Harbour

The Port of Nexø welcomes all visiting yachters in the five northernmost basins featuring brand-new facilities, including two trolling ramps, a coin-operated laundry, barbecue grill and smoking oven, along with free Wi-Fi.

The port area’s location adjacent to the centre of Nexø, surrounded by restaurants, shops, museums and craft art, forms a splendid setting where 2,870 metres of quayside provide plenty of space for visiting yachts of all shapes and sizes. The three northernmost basins, along with the old dry dock where the barque “Svaneke” is being reconstructed, comprise the only major harbour in Denmark made of sandstone, which is the type of bedrock out of which the harbour was blasted. 


55°03,8'N / 15°08,1'E
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The Port of Nexø is Bornholm’s largest commercial fishery harbour, and offers the option of a trip on a local jig-fishing boat. In summer, there is a passenger-ferry service to Poland, and a week of jazz throughout the town. Nexø also offers a wide selection of daily commodity and speciality shops, an active herring smokehouse and a boat-equipment business.

There are interesting sites to see in the vicinity of the harbour, such as the splendid Stenbrud quarry lake, stocked with fish for angling, and just north of the quarry it is possible to stand astride the Fennoscandian Border Zone, with one foot on South European bedrock and the other on North European bedrock – with 1.2 billion geological years between your feet.

Nexø Havn

Sdr. Hammer 10
DK-3730 Nexø 

Tel +45 56 49 22 50