Klintholm Harbour

Welcome to Klintholm Harbour

- much more than just a marina

Klintholm Harbor is a large marina with an absolutely fantastic harbor environment. It is an active port with lots of life in the cafes and restaurants. There are wild nature experiences a few kilometers away. On the way to the harbor, do not deceive yourself, because the completely unique experience is sailing past Møn's cliff.
Klintholm is also a magnificent place for trolling fishing. The harbor is therefore visited by many trolling fishermen who sail from Klintholm Harbor and fish for salmon in Northern Europe's best fishing waters. On both sides of the harbor there are really good and beautiful beaches.
Klintholm is also a commercial and well-functioning fishing port.

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Guider på havnen

Sejler du til Møn i perioden 27/6 til den 14/8 2022, vil du blive mødt af Møn Junior Rangers, som hjælper med at give gæsterne en særlig velkomst. De står klar med 'gæsteposer', svarer på spørgsmål, og fortæller om oplevelser og seværdigheder nær havnen.

In the summer, more than 10,000 sailors call at the port and more than 200,000 guests come hiking or driving.

In the autumn and winter, commercial fishing starts and during that period the port receives landings of both herring and cod. The port has permanent fishing vessels that land fish here. The short distance to the fishing spots also makes the harbour attractive for guest fishing vessels.

From December to April, several trolling boats sail out to catch, among other things. salmon. The harbour has 3 tugs with different rises for loading trailer boats. We have associations that hold competitions in sport fishing.

Klintholm harbour is one of the exciting entrances to the South Coast of Denmark, and a good starting point if you want to visit some of Denmark's wildest nature. Bl. a. Møns Klint, which is part of the huge layer of chalk on which large parts of Denmark rest. Here you can also experience Denmark's birth at Geocenter Møns Klint. You can hike on Høvblege south of Klinteskoven, where you can experience nine species of wild orchids and many other rare plants. You can also walk or cycle to both Møns Klint and Høvblege. In addition, there are regular bus routes that connect Klintholm harbour with Stege and Møns Klint, where you can visit Liselund castle and park, Timmesø Bjerg, Jydelejet and Havrelukke or visit one of the many museums and exhibitions in and around Stege.

With its unique location right on the route between Germany, Sweden, Bornholm, Zealand, Falster and Lolland, Klintholm harbour creates the framework for a vibrant environment with both Danish and foreign guests. At the same time, Klintholm harbour is located in the middle between two of Møn's best bathing beaches, where the beach on the western side of the harbor is particularly suitable for families with children, as you have to go far before it gets deep. So there is plenty of opportunity for beach fun in peace and quiet.

When the day is over, you can in Klintholm harbor enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants, eat an ice cream or a cold drink at the café overlooking the harbour.

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Port charges

  0 -  9 m155 DKK
  6 - 12 m200 DKK
12 - 15 m260 DKK
15 - 24 m500 DKK
24 - 40 m670 DKK
40 -860 DKK

All prices include electricity, water and WiFi. Discount applies after 4 overnight stays.
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Harbour master

Rigo Jørgensen

Klintholm Harbour

Klintholm Havneby 24
DK-4791 Borre

Tel. +45 24 42 21 82