Assens Havn

Port of Assen on Fyn

The long Ship Quay in Assens Harbour is located to the port, immediately after passing the outermost pier. There is plenty of room for larger wooden ships and sailors who would like to be close to town and long ships. The quay is 122 meters long, with a water depth of 5 meters on the south side and 7 meters on the north side.
The Molelaug is located at the Red Warehouse with open doors for sailors who need a workshop - or just want to see the small exhibition and have a talk with the local enthusiasts. In the warehouse you will also find the payment machine for payment of port money, electricity and shower.

Harbour map

Maximum ship size:
Length 130 m
Width 20 m
Draught 7 m


From Assens Harbour you can clearly see the sprout of Our Lady Church, which can be used as a guide to the city center. Here are good shopping opportunities, restaurants and shops - it is easy to shop and visit the city, as it is so close to the harbour. Do not miss the museum in the old Toldbod or visit the Willemoesgården museum, which testifies to the proud maritime traditions.

Port charges

  0 - 15 m217 DKK
15 - 20 m257 DKK
20 - 25 m322 DKK
25 - 30 m429 DKK
30 - 50 m535 DKK
50 m -641 DKK

Port Charges and electricity are paid in the vending machine.



Ole Knudsen

Harbour assistant
Thomas Skaarup Andersen

Assens Harbour

Assens Havn
Nordre Havnevej 12
DK-5610 Assens
Tel. +45 64 71 31 65
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