Agersoe Harbour

Sail to Agersø Marina

If you are on your way through Storebælt you should visit Agersø – one of those picturesque Danish miniature islands that breathe idyllic peace and quiet. The island lies well situated on the south western coast of Sealand with an east facing harbour basin – an obvious choice for a stopover. Here you will find an active and charming harbour, divided into a ferry harbour, commercial fishing harbour and the marina with space for approximately 100 visiting sailboats.

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Harbour overview

55°12,6'N / 11°11,9'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 20 m
Width 8 m
Draught 2.8 m



Agersø Havn offers most of what a sailor needs. A quiet harbour basin, easy to reach and with good service. Fresh baked goods in the morning, newspapers and groceries can be bought at the grocery store only 500m west of the marina. Visiting sailors can borrow bikes free of charge to enjoy a trip around the island. You can also purchase fuel, diesel, and assorted lubricants at the harbour. If you need technical assistance, we have a boat crane that lifts up to 5 ton and a network of capable repairmen.

On the premises you will find a sausage stand and a harbour café, a lounge with TV, free Wi-Fi and laundry and dryer facilities. The barbeque areas are newly opened and there is a playground for those who whish to play. 700m away in the northern part of town you will find an inn with a wine outlet, farm stores, an old smithy, a brush maker, a mill and a church. Here you will also find great bathing conditions, both fresh and saltwater, and lots of opportunities to get fresh fish. 

If you prefer to explore the island without physical strain, you can rent the inn’s tractor bus with space for approximately 30 passengers. You will get a guided tour of the island and experience some of the magnificent nature, often speckled with a multitude of wild animals and birds.
Don’t forget to visit Skansen on the southern tip of the island, a re-established fort that has be restored to look like it did under the English Wars. Or you can just enjoy the peace and quiet on our beautiful little island.

Port charges

  0 -   6,99 m135 kr
  7 -   9,99 m155 kr
10 - 14,99 m175 kr
15 - 19,99 m215 kr
20 - 415 kr


Campervans are welcome at Agersø Harbour.

Agersoe Harbour

Agersø Møllevej 15
DK-4244 Skælskør
Tel. +45 40 51 88 84



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