Vang Harbour

Vang Harbour

Vang Harbour can be entered day and night, but not in hard north-westerly winds. If you are in the middle basin, the harbour is safe during all wind conditions, however. The harbour has 3 basins. The 2 southernmost always have space for visiting yachters.

A barbecue shed for use by visiting yachters is located near the harbour’s toilet and bathing facilities. The “Bixen” harbour kiosk is open in the summer.


55°14,9'N / 14°44,2'E
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Vang was originally a fishing hamlet and until a few years ago also served as a shipping port for granite quarried in the Ringebakker hills until a few years ago. “Vang Pier”, south of the town, is a prominent memorial to the granite quarrying of the modern era. Today it also includes a small sandy beach and diving boards. Details about the area’s granite quarrying and production are posted in a small thatched building on the waterfront.

The streets of the village wind their way picturesquely up the steep coastal slope. Vang’s unique peaceful atmosphere, scenic splendour and fine eateries – not to mention trails leading from the fishing hamlet to wildlife areas such as Slotslyngen and Ringebakker – the latter with many abandoned quarries – make this harbour definitely worth a visit. Other sights of interest nearby include Bornholm’s only preserved watermill with an overshot waterwheel, as well as artist Peter Bonnén’s bridge across the ravine at the quarry south of the harbour.

A gallery and sculpture park are found along the waterfront. Five hundred metres north of the harbour is the highest waterfall in Denmark: Pissebækken (“Pee Brook”), which is not always waterbearing in the long, sunny Bornholm summers, however.

Vang Havn

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