Sandvig Harbour

Sandvig Harbour

Sandvig Harbour is a small and charming harbour where visitors are welcome. The entire outer harbour is reserved for visiting yachters; vacant berths in the inner harbour can also be used. The harbour is situated very close to one of the best sandy beaches in North Bornholm, and in an interesting village environment with shopping and eateries on offer.

An ice-cream café near the harbour – serving interesting ice creams, pastries and sandwiches – was once an ice house used by fishing industry to store ice carved out of Hammersø Lake in winter. The ice was then used to chill locally caught fish throughout the long Bornholm summer.


55°17,4'N / 14°47,0'E
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The National Political Festival, situated a few hundred metres from the harbour, has also left its mark on Sandvig in the form of new restaurants and bars, offering high-quality gourmet food. It is also possible to play mini-golf or hire a bicycle near the harbour. The harbour’s lounge with a kitchenette affords a splendid view of the harbour area and the Baltic Sea.

Sandvig is perfect for those seeking a village milieu, fine bathing opportunities combined with tranquillity. Sandvig provides a fine base for nature hikes in Hammerknuden, Langebjerg, etc. The harbour can be entered day and night, but not in strong onshore winds. The seaward approach is marked with 2 green lights. 

Port taxes

    <  7 m139 DKK
  7 - 10 m216 DKK
10 - 13 m271 DKK
13 - 16 m348 DKK
16 - 20 m420 DKK
20 - 30 m608 DKK
30 - 862 DKK

Fee includes electricity, water, sanitary facilities and wireless Internet. 

Other prices

8-13 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 2 nights free of charge.
14 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you 14 nights extra free of charge.


Sandvig Havn

Strandpromenaden 5
DK-3770 Allinge
Tel +45 56 92 23 26

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