Nykoebing Sj. Harbour

Protected from wind and rough weathers, in the sheltered waters of the bay, lies Nykøbing Harbour.

Nykøbing Harbour is a great place to stay overnight. The harbour lies beautifully surrounded with Grønnehave Forrest stretching almost all the way to the harbour basin, as well as being close to the town centre with its many restaurants and shops.

On the harbour grounds you will find a playfield, barbeque area and a handicap crane. Because of the new housing area on the premises, the harbour has become a natural focal point for residents and tourists alike.

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If you are interested in art and crafts, you will find several attractions in the area: The Anneberg Collections with Northern Europe’s largest collection of glass, Odsherred Museum of Cultural History, Malergården, the picturesque farm house once built by painter Sigurd Swane, as well as a number of small artisan shops.

Port charges

  0 -  10 m190 DKK
10 - 15 m215 DKK
15 -315 DKK

Payment at the self-service pay station outside the harbour office.
Here you will also be able to pay for the use of the slipway.


Kim Jespersen
Tlf. 70 20 38 38


Campervans are welcome.
Price per night is 170 DKK, which includes the use of all the harbour facilities.


Nykoebing Sjaelland Lystbaadehavn

Snekkevej 9 A
DK-4500 Nykoebing Sjaelland
Tel: +45 21 77 93 76

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Harbour master

Steen Hansen