Listed Harbour

Listed Harbour

Listed is a A charming harbour with an active commercial fishery offering plenty of space for around 25 visiting boats, which are welcome in all basins. Along the waterfront, there is a small free-to-use yachter’s shelter, with three modern bathrooms with underfloor heating, washing machine and tumble dryer.

The small fishing hamlet has a small fishery museum, a potter’s workshop, craft art, a goldsmith’s boutique, glass art and a small café/ice cream bar, a farm-gate shop, as well as its own trolling centre with jigging boats and guided angling trips. 

Some 300 metres north of the harbour is “Høl”, a cove with a beach at the end of a 100-metre wide cleft in the rocks, and the locals’ “secret” bathing area. Vasebæk stream flows into the sea about 300 metres from the harbour. Following the waterway inland, you pass by a small granite waterworks Excursions: building, designed by Danish architect Jørgen Utzon, the renowned architect of the Sydney Opera House. Joboland (Bornholm’s amusement park) is two kilometres from the village of Listed. The illuminated entrance direction of 202.8 degrees must be carefully respected. The harbour cannot be entered during strong onshore winds. 

Listed Havn

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DK-3740 Svaneke 

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