Hesnaes Harbour

Hesnaes Harbour on Falster

This idyllic village lies close to Falster and is an easily approachable harbour in the Fehmarn Belt and is thus well frequented by visiting sailors. Here you will find beautiful and quiet surroundings, close to the forest and with old fishing houses worthy of preservation in the backyard. Hesnæs is particularly known for its straw clad houses, built after a violent flood destroyed the harbour and the city in 1872. Read more about on the website of the Danish Agency for Culture

The city’s Dining Table, an outdoor eating area built in 2014, is set on top of the old coastal protection mole. The table is constructed with an inbuilt barbecue, washing table and seating and creates a beautiful meeting place for sailors, bicycle tourist and locals alike. 

54°49.4'N / 12°08.3'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 30 m
Width 6 m
Draught  2.5 m

The harbour has a surprisingly large fleet of fishing vessels wholesale of fish, which adds to the maritime ambience. You will still find fish retailing from fish vendors, which are open on weekends during boating season.

The harbor has now got a mobile mast, so residents, guests and sailors can now get coverage on the phone. There is still free wi-fi at the port. Here are also clean and delicious bath and toilet facilities, often praised by the sailors.

The eatery Pomlenakke lies only 1 km away from the harbour, beautifully situated in the forest and with an ocean view. Shopping opportunities can be found 5km away from the harbour in Horbelev, which you can reach by bus. If you arrive with an empty stomach, you can get food delivered by Byen’s Pizzaria.


  0 -   8 m100 DKK
  8 - 10 m130 DKK
10 - 12 m150 DKK
12 - 14 m170 DKK
14 - 16 m220 DKK
16 -Please ask.

Campervans: 130,- DKK 


Soeren Hejlskov

Hesnaes Havn

Boennetvej 65
DK-4850 Stubbekøbing
Tel +45 28 76 55 60



Campervans are welcome at Hesnaes Harbour.