Gudhjem Harbour

Gudhjem Harbour

Gudhjem harbour are of the authentic Bornholm variety, blasted out of the granite horst jutting up from the coast towards Bokuld and give the harbour and village an unusual Mediterranean atmosphere. There are daily ferry connections to Christiansø Island from the eastern harbour, and the tour boat “Thor” – which just celebrated its centenary – provides a guided tour along the coastal Helligdomsklipper rock formations, before docking below the Bornholm Art Museum.

55°12.8'N / 14°58.3'E

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Maximum ship size:
Width 5 m
Length 40 m
Draught  3.8 m

The town is a vibrant tourist destination abounding with eateries, live music, a variety of shops, a cinema, indoor swimming baths, galleries, craft art (including a glass-blowing workshop), and museums, such as the Oluf Høst Museum situated close to the western harbour. The village is a lively tourist destination, where the tourist information office on the waterfront also serves visiting yachters with information about eateries, live music, the variety of shops, a cinema, indoor swimming baths, galleries, craft art (including a glass-blowing workshop), and museums, such as the Oluf Høst Museum situated near Nørresand.

At 10 am the atmosphere thickens as some of Denmark’s most renowned songs are sung on the waterfront as the first ferry departs for Christiansø Island. The rock formations around the harbours are frequently used to enjoy everything from smoked herring from the smokehouse on the waterfront, sunbathing, a dip in the deep blue Baltic Sea, to watching beautiful sunsets.

In the eastern harbour, visiting yachters are welcome in all basins, but two quays are reserved for the Christiansø ferry service and the tour boat Thor. There is usually space for everyone, but capacity is reduced in onshore winds because a gate between the inner and outer basins is closed in onshore winds above 10 metres per second. The port has new bathing and toilet facilities, and a self-service information point with always up-todate weather forecasts, and the codes you need for bathing, toilet and Wi-Fi.

Port taxes

    <  7 m139 DKK
  7 - 10 m216 DKK
10 - 13 m271 DKK
13 - 16 m348 DKK
16 - 20 m420 DKK
20 - 30 m608 DKK
30 - 862 DKK

Fee includes electricity, water, sanitary facilities and wireless Internet. 

Other prices

8-13 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 2 nights free of charge.
14 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you 14 nights extra free of charge.


Gudhjem Havn

Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 21
DK-3760 Gudhjem 

Tel +45 56 92 23 36

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