Bogense Harbour & Marina

Bogense Harbour & Marina

The harbour is the largest harbour on the island of Funen, which is easy to tell: Here you get everything a sailor needs and more. The harbour premises have been developed into a centre for trade and culture, and the place has lots to offer for both visitors and residents of Bogense.

The old fishing harbour is completely renovated and is used by guest, who are attracted by the urban activities. Right next to it is the marina and with its 760 berths you will always find a vacant spot.


55°34.0'N / 10°04.7'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 55 m
Width 10 m
Draught  3.5 m

Bogense Marina is perfectly situated for sailors who are coming from the fjords of East Jutland, as well as the islands of Endelave, Tunø and Samsø. It is also the only harbour on Northern Funen where you have the opportunity to stock up. The 700 year old market town is only 500m away from the harbour and has a bakery, shops and grocery stores. Close to the harbour you will also find a sand beach with a playground, a ball field and much more. The harbour has been voted Harbour of the Year several times by Danish sailors.
Welcome to Bogense!

Port Charges

  0 - 10 m  170 DKK
10 - 15 m  200 DKK
15 - 20 m  300 DKK
20 - 30 m  400 DKK
30 - 50 m  600 DKK
50 -1000 DKK

Campervan: 170 DKK

Maritim Chef

Thomas Fløjborg-Lading

Bogense Havn og Marina

Sejlerkajen 13
DK-5400 Bogense
Tel +45 45 64 81 21 15

Harbour Master
Thomas Fløjborg-Lading
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