Boennerup Harbour

Sail for Boennerup Habour on the north coast of Djursland

The Marina is located in a lovely scenic setting on the north coast of Djursland, next to wonderful sandy beaches. The Marina lies close to the commercial Boennerup Fishing Harbor where local blue fishing boats are landing their fresh catch every morning.

There is something for everyone here, crabbing for children, BBQ facilities for the whole family, nature walks for all, even those with limited physical capabilities.

Facility overvoew

56°32.1'N / 10°42.8'E

See the harbour map and navigation here

Note that the website is Danish only
– use google translate

Maximum ship size:
Length 20 m
Width 5 m
Draught  3 m

Besides modern facilities you will find several opportunities for purchase of supplies, shopping, and a cozy dinner at one of the dining venues, or on the barbecue with fresh fish from the harbor fishmonger.

The area around Boennerup is the perfect way to experience the sights, sounds and smells of rural Denmark and it is beautiful.Bicycle rentals are available near the harbor.

You can ride along the coast to the west until you get to Fjellerup and on the way you can make an excursion to see the beautiful Mejlgaard Manor.

Welcome til Boennerup Harbour!

Port charges

  0 -   8 m130 DKK
  8 - 10 m150 DKK
10 - 12 m170 DKK
12 - 15 m190 DKK
15 - 18 m280 DKK
18 - 21 m340 DKK
21 - 24 m400 DKK
24 - 27 m460 DKK
27 m -520 DKK
Skonnert560 DKK

Multi-hull vessels < 13 m:
220 DKK
Multi-hull vessels > 13 m:
280 DKK


Stay for 4 days, pay for 3.
Electricity is included in the price.


Campers are welcome.
Price pr night 175 DKK.

Bønnerup Havn

Vestre Mole 2
Bønnerup Strand
DK-8585 Glesborg


Port manager

Lars Mohr Christensen
Tel. +45 23 29 07 60