Baagoe Harbour

Baagoe Harbour in Lillebaelt

Baagoe Harbour is located in the middle of Jutland and Fyn. The location in the middle of the Lillebælt makes it popular for sailors and the harbour is well-visited during the summer. Baagoe is a real agricultural island with about 24 inhabitants. In the middle of the island you find Baage town with church and traditional farms, as well as Baagoe Nature Center. There are shopping opportunities in the Baagoe Farm slaughterhouse that sells everything from sausage and lamb to beef. The harbour kiosk is open from May to September. The harbour is divided in two with the ferry berth and the marina with 49 piles. Longships can also be moored along the pier.



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Around the harbour there are great beaches and the island is often used by day tourists who come by ferry from Assens. The port is recently renovated with a good service building. There are good fishing opportunities at the lighthouse and the island also offers a nice nature with hiking routes and bird towers. Bicycles can be rented, or you can take a tour of the island in the "Piggy Car", which is a closed wagon with benches pulled by a tractor.


  0 -   7 m107 kr
  7 - 10 m139 kr
10 - 12 m169 kr
12 - 15 m204 kr
15 m -255 kr

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Bågø Havn

DK-5610 Assens
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The harbour master is on Baagoe during the summer period.
Tel. +45 23 95 48 90