Arnager Harbour

Arnager Hafen

Arnager Harbour is an offshore harbor connected to land by the longest wooden jetty in Northern Europe and the only harbor along the south coast which can accommodate keelboats. Visitors are welcome in the harbour, and in good weather, visiting pleasure craft can also moor on the inward side of the pier head. This small fishing hamlet is still home to active commercial fishermen and has a lively herring smokehouse and restaurant.

55°03.1'N / 14°46.8'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 20 m
Width 7 m
Draught 2.2 m

For geology buffs, many stimulating activities are available in the area, which includes fossilised footprints of dinosaurs and the remains of mining operations where phosphorite was extracted.

Remains of the embarkation facilities for phosphate rock and the old harbor are still visible. The harbour is well sheltered by the shallow Arnager Reef, stretching to the south-east, brimming with potential experiences for skin-divers. The safe approaches to the harbor are shown on the navigation chart.

Arnager Havn

Fosforitvej 6 
DK-3700 Rønne 

Tel +45 56 97 60 54