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Sejl til Bornholm
Agersoe Harbour
Anholt Harbour
Allinge Harbour
Arnager Harbour
Askoe Harbour
Aalborg Yachtharbour
Bakkerne Harbour
Ballen Havn Sydfyn
Boderne Harbour
Bogense Harbour & Marina
Boennerup Harbour
Christiansoe Harbour
Dageloekke Yachtharbour
Dybvig Harbour
Dyvig Bro
Ebeltoft Yachtharbour
Ebeltoft Harbour
Endelave Harbour
Ejerslev Havn
Fredericia Yachtharbour
Fynshav Harbour
Femoe Harbour
Gedser Yachtharbour
Gilleleje Harbour
Gyldendal Havn
Grenaa Marina
Gudhjem Harbour
Gudhjem Noerresand Harbour
Haderslev Harbour
Hasle Harbour
Hammer Harbour
Helligpeder Harbour
Helsingoer Marina
Hesnaes Harbour
Hestehoved Yachtharbour
Horsens Yachtharbour
Hou Yacht Harbour
Humlebaek Harbour
Hundested Harbour
Ishoej Harbour
Juelsminde Harbour & Marina
Kastrup New Yachtharbour
Kolding Yachtharbour
Kerteminde Harbour & Marina
Kragenaes Marina Lystcamp
Langoe Yachtharbour
Listed Harbour
Lundeborg Harbour
Marstal Harbour
Melsted Harbour
Mommark Marina
Nakskov Yachtharbour
Nexoe Harbour
Nivaa Harbour
Nyborg Marina
Nykoebing Sj. Harbour
Nysted Harbour
Nyord Harbour
Odden Harbour
Omoe Harbour
Rungsted Harbour
Roedby Harbour
Roenne Harbour
Roenne Yachtharbour Noerrekaas
Roervig Harbour
Sandvig Harbour
Skaelskoer Harbour
Snogebaek Harbour
Spodsbjerg Harbour
Stubbekoebing Harbour
Struer Yachtharbour
Svanemoelle Harbour
Svaneke Harbour
Soeby Harbour
Soenderborg Harbour
Sønderborg Lystbådehavn
Soenderballe Yachtharbour
Teglkaas Harbour
Tejn Harbour
Udbyhoej Yachtharbour
Vang Harbour
Vedbaek Harbour
Vejle Lystbådehavn
Vejrø Havn
Wilders Plads Marina
Aeroeskoebing Harbour
Oer Maritime Harbour
Oester Hurup Harbour
Aarsdale Harbour
Aaroe Harbour
Aaroesund Yachtharbour

Marinaguide - the finest online directory
for yacht harbours and marinas is so much more than a harbour handbook.
This sailors' guide will provide yachtsmen and recreational sailors
with the best overview imaginable when planning for the next port of call.
Under the slogan 'Sail and See', sailors will be introduced to the Danish harbours
and the experiences than lie ahead once you are on dry land.

Danish Marinas

Find your next port of call and see what you can experience once you have tied up your vessel.

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